Most Aussies still prefer shopping in stores instead of online with 97 per cent of people identifying themselves as “in-store” rather than “online” shoppers. TorchMedia has partnered with Caltex petrol stations and major shopping centres around the country to offer a truly nationwide Retail media network.

Caltex Digital

We’ve partnered with Caltex StarMart to offer innovative digital media in 500+ locations across the country. Two screens in each location are perfectly positioned to intersect with the shoppers on the way to the register.  Our centralised technology allows us to geo-target as well as offer time of day.


Just three percent of Australians do their grocery shopping online, and most shoppers make an average of three trips per week to the supermarket. Our nationwide Shopperscapes are stand-alone formats, perfectly located at centre entrances and car parks to capture the 86% of Aussies who visit the supermarket every month.



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