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July 2012

Hogwash entrants go bananas

19 Jul 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Grocery, News

Over the past few weeks TorchMedia put a call out to people in the industry looking for myths surrounding the behavior in the grocery environment. As expected some of the myths were humourous but unfortunately didn’t hold a lot of benefit for the industry as a research topic. For Example: “Do bananas in the top of your trolley mean you are single and looking to date?” The five myths that TorchMedia will bust in their major research project are: Each…

Have you noticed that despite our high smartphone penetration in Australia, supermarket brands are still shy when it comes to using QR Codes at the point of purchase? Used extensively overseas, QR Codes still present brands with a terrific opportunity to expand their dialogue and connect with consumers both at and beyond the shelf.  Putting strategy into your QR Code is the key to its successful usage and return on investment.  Here are a few TorchMedia tips to have a…

Fill your car for free

04 Jul 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in News, Petrol

On Tuesday, a Burwood petrol station offered free fuel as part of a campaign to promote the use of ethanol blended fuels. As part of this campaign, TorchMedia used this opportunity to show off their new Station Sponsorship format, promoting the E10 message throughout the forecourt. Kirsty Dollisson, General Manager, Marketing & Commercial said that this format is a proven way to connect with consumers on approach to their point of purchase. “This is a great way to showcase the…