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April 2015

ANZAC Day 100th Anniversary

24 Apr 2015, Posted by TorchMedia in Transit

TorchMedia has partnered with Metro Trains Melbourne and the Retired Servicemen’s League of Victoria to commend the 100th Anniversary of ANZAC Day.  The new campaign will appear across Melbourne metropolitan trains in the lead up to ANZAC Day, beginning April 13th. The train wrap decal promotes the ANZAC Appeal, an initiative by the RSL to raise money for returned servicemen by selling badges. The badges are in the shape of the iconic Rising Sun emblem which has been used for…


01 Apr 2015, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Research, Transit

If you have not considered using train media, perhaps the underlying reason is your understanding of the train audience is based on myths rather than facts. Well, today it’s all about the facts. Approximately 1.5 million people in Sydney catch the train every day. But exactly who is who you ask? Well: Want to get really nosey and know where they’re going? Myth is, a narrower market such as students, Tradies and Blue Collar workers. So, now we know… it’s…