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Best campaigns of 2013!

12 Dec 2013, Posted by TorchMedia in Grocery, Petrol, Pharmacy, Transit

We’ve come up with a list of our favourite campaigns this year across all our media formats. It was tough to pick out just a few as there was so many creative and clever campaigns and competition was close! See the winners and runners up below.              

Despite the expanding medicinal and healthcare offerings in supermarkets today, pharmacy remains in a unique position among retail channels due to its personal role in the healthcare of Australians.  According to Nielsen, in a typical month, 10.8 million Australians (58 per cent of the population) will visit a pharmacy at least once, with 76 per cent of them filling a script.  And with an average dwell time in-store of 14 minutes, the opportunities to harness shoppers with relevant, targeted offers,…

If you’re a pharmacy, or a brand whose product is listed in one, you’ll be fascinated by the findings of our 2011/12 Project RX consumer study.  Understanding the pharmacy shopper and what moves them to purchase was the key motivator behind our research, conducted nationally among 1,041 shoppers in the pharmacy channel. The study reveals just how under-utilised the pharmacy is as an effective retail channel and how pharmacies can target shopper segments carving a role beyond script fill to…

The summer shopping rush

23 Aug 2011, Posted by TorchMedia in Grocery, News, Pharmacy

TorchMedia has released a summer sales package series to help marketers take advantage of the surge in in-store traffic in the grocery and liquor over channel summer as shoppers prepare for the festive season. The Christmas/Summer period brings a massive spike in traffic to supermarkets and liquor stores, sending shopper media’s already low CPMs even lower. The last summer shopping period* saw a 100% rise in confectionery gifting, an 89% increase in insect control sales, a 27.2% spike in liquor…

Pharmacies offer valued advice

02 May 2011, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Pharmacy

In a recent study, one of many reasons customers gave for seeking health advice from pharmacies rather than heading to a GP was: “Sometimes the pharmacist knows more than the doctor.” Pharmacies can be confusing places for shoppers, with aisles of potential solutions for a range of complex ailments. However, pharmacists are also seen as a trusted source of information, and as many as 80 million customer interactions are to consult with community pharmacies, across Australia, for health advice each year….

Pharmacy Channel on a roll

15 Mar 2010, Posted by TorchMedia in News, Pharmacy

TorchMedia’s Pharmacy Channel continues to grow, with 35 new screens already rolled out in community pharmacies this month. The number of screens live nationwide is set to hit 400 by the end of March, with a further 200 on the way. Endorsed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, the Pharmacy Channel is a network of digital screens placed above the dispensary in pharmacies nationwide. The network plays a mix of news, sport, weather, Pharmacy Guild messages and targeted advertising.