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Outdoor maintains double digit growth

23 Mar 2015, Posted by TorchMedia in Insights, News, Research, Retail, Transit

OMA Media Release The Out-of-Home (OOH) industry today reported net revenue of $48.3 million for the month of February, an increase of 23.8% from the same month last year which posted net revenue of $39.0 million.* The OOH industry finished 2014 on a record high of $602 million, a 10% increase from 2013. Category figures February 2015: Roadside Billboards (over and under 25 square metres)  $16.6 million Roadside Other (street furniture, taxis, bus/tram externals) $16.2 million Transport (including airports) $9.5 million…

Make Your Brand Sing This Festive Season

15 Dec 2014, Posted by TorchMedia in Retail

Kirsty Dollisson, GM – TorchMedia The Christmas season has a tendency to spark a war of formats and while popularity around online and mobile advertising continues to increase, Bricks and Mortar stores remain the true favourite amongst shoppers come Christmas time. For brands, this is generally your peak sales period and it’s essential to get it right, so there’s no better time to review your in-store point of sales opportunities and put your brand at the forefront of shoppers’ minds….

Enter the fourth dimension

20 Dec 2010, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Retail

Since Avatar, 3D cinema is no longer just an excuse for wearing novelty glasses. It’s no longer just about Jaws jumping out at you at the drive-in. High impact without tacky gimmicks is now possible. And marketers are really embracing the third dimension in the retail space too. After all, it’s about standing out. This Christmas retailers are taking 3D outside the store… or at least putting it on the outside of their stores. Check out Saks’ Fifth Avenue building in New…