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Commuter advertising is getting brands there – faster

18 Apr 2013, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Transit

If you’re wondering why Out of Home (OOH) advertising during commuting times has taken off so significantly in Australia, all you need do is look at our recent commuting statistics.  The last national Census of Population and Housing revealed a surprising 23 percent increase in train commuters to our greater capital cities and an almost 20 percent increase in bus commuting, compared to figures released in 2006.¹

Commuters’ consumption of media has changed, too.  The digital revolution has led to an increasing decline in the traditional TV and radio advertising mediums.  It’s not because we’ve lost our appetites for news and entertainment; we’re simply consuming it all in different ways.  Convenient, personalised and hand-held, we’re now reading, watching and listening to our preferred media using smartphones and tablets on the move, making Out of Home media a more relevant medium for advertisers to captivate audiences.

Research conducted by the Outdoor Media Association in Australia revealed 82 percent of people agree there are some OOH campaigns they remember for a long time.

Free from the distraction of editorial, OOH advertising allows strong branded creative to shine.  With the ability to harness commuter environments and use larger-than-life imagery, advertisers have the potential to create exceptionally engaging campaigns and achieve significant cut through.  In fact, according to the UK’s Outdoor Media Centre’s research, 88 percent of people see OOH advertising and 72 percent can be swayed towards a product recently viewed OOH.

So just what type of creative is memorable?  Here, we’ve collected a few commuter OOH advertisements from around the world that really stood out from the crowd. For all our Queensland Rail and Melbourne Metro OOH advertisers, we hope this sparks some new ideas!

¹Australian Bureau of Statistics, Census of Population and Housing 2006 and 2011.


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