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Enter the fourth dimension

20 Dec 2010, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Retail

Since Avatar, 3D cinema is no longer just an excuse for wearing novelty glasses. It’s no longer just about Jaws jumping out at you at the drive-in. High impact without tacky gimmicks is now possible. And marketers are really embracing the third dimension in the retail space too.
After all, it’s about standing out.

This Christmas retailers are taking 3D outside the store… or at least putting it on the outside of their stores. Check out Saks’ Fifth Avenue building in New York this festive season.A 3D projection is making it look like the building itself is changing before shoppers’ eyes.

As impressive as that is, could it be that Saks is already behind the times? Heading in to 2011, could we be entering the age of a fourth dimension?

Ralph Lauren also turned its London facade into a multimedia spectacular last month, but didn’t stop at 3D projections. The brand added sound and a mist of fragrance to the mix to create a “4D” experience.
Words can’t describe it… but then neither can video now that we’re in 4D-land… Check it out here anyway.

Will we see the concept replicated locally? With most Aussie marketers still making the jump out of the second dimension, perhaps we should master 3D first…

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