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How to fuel impulse sales

08 Nov 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Petrol

If you’re looking to fuel impulse sales this summer holiday season, the power of petrol convenience cannot be ignored.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2012 Motor Vehicle Census there are 16.7 million registered motor vehicles in Australia today. With 12.7 million of these passenger cars and over 50,000 campervans, you can start to see the opportunities as they hit the road during December and January, visiting families for Christmas and take annual summer vacations.

Petrol convenience has changed significantly over the past few years, becoming more innovative in its offer in order to generate new revenue streams.  In fact, many petrol convenience sites are now a proxy newsagent, café, local grocery store, DVD rental site, bank, pharmacy and in some cases even photo lab and dry cleaner. Petrol ‘stores’ come with the added convenience of parking by the door, quick service and extended trading hours, making them shopper-friendly and the ideal place to capture the impulse dollar.

Research shows that almost 40 per cent of consumers purchase items other than petrol from these service station stores, and 1 in 3 motorists buy confectionery and snacks when stopping to fill.

It’s amidst this playing field that car-to-counter point of sale plays a significant role in building awareness of impulse products, never more so than the ability to influence impulse demand during summer.

  • Warmer weather increases impulse purchases of ice cream and cold soft drinks.
  • Summer entertainment increases demand for ice and gas re fills.
  • Lack of water restrictions fuels need for car care purchases.
  • Christmas demands last minute gifts and grocery top ups.
  • Beach weather increases sales of beach accessories, suncream and impulse food.
  • Late nights and parties increase the need for pharmacy products and energy drinks.
  • School holidays see an increase in last minute household item necessities such as bread and milk.
  • Holiday travellers demand refuelling with hot food, sandwiches or other cold meals.
  • Vacationers top up their mobiles and internet to make seasonal calls and stay in touch.

Car-to-counter point of sale is strategically placed to capture attention throughout the customer’s journey, maximising the captive audiences who are filling up and then following their journeys as they enter the store to pay. From entry posters and petrol pump toppers to window decals and in-store media; clever creative with the right cues can deliver a need the customers never knew they had.

At TorchMedia, we have a comprehensive petrol media offer within Caltex Woolworths Petrol, giving brands access to 2.3 million customers per week, 9.2 million per month.  With 93 per cent brand awareness nationally and a spontaneous awareness amongst more than 1 in 4 motorists, Caltex Woolworths Petrol attracts nearly 1 in 2 motorists and petrol purchasers in a typical month and is the preferred petrol destination in NSW, VIC, SA and WA.

So as Summer hits our shores and Christmas descends, make sure you fuel impulse sales using the right media and creative to capitalise on the demand for convenience.

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