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How to raise the spirits of your liquor sales

24 Sep 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog

With summer just around the corner and your key Christmas peak sales period looming, there’s no better time to review your in-store point of sale opportunities and put your liquor sales into better spirits.

Liquor shoppers are very different to grocery.  Typically male dominated and with shopping trips by occasion – such as a planned barbeque or a Sunday roast with friends – liquor shoppers enter stores with a particular category in mind.  But our TorchMedia research tells us that’s about as far as the decision-making goes.  It’s only once in-store that our shoppers will make their brand choice.

What’s more, the decision-making occurs in just minutes and is often highly impulsive!

It’s safe to say that liquor retail theatre is here.  With the advent of liquor private labels and consumers becoming spoilt for choice, there’s both a demand and expectation for an experience in-store that creates value, solves problems and moves consumers to purchase.  And with price a key factor in swaying consumers at the tipping point, brands are increasingly looking to retail media in order to disrupt and inform shoppers, moving them to purchase their products at full margin while they’re in a spending mindset.  Whether it’s a personal radio station in-store that keeps them shopping for longer (which even takes shopper music requests) or digital point of sale displays that entertain and inform, it’s all about tapping into the subconscious while wallets are in hand.

So if you’re a liquor brand about to embark on a retail media campaign, what are some do’s and don’ts you should consider?

DO …

… firmly understand the measurable objectives of your retail media campaign and deploy clear and concise communication to shoppers.  Retail media can trigger recall and influence brand choice, ensuring crucial brand exposure while shoppers have wallets in hand – so tell them what they need to do!

… remember the rule of product shot first and branding second.  Retail Media is more about conversation than consideration and brand awareness.  While the importance of branding varies according to the category, people need to know what the product is, including variant and pack format, before brand becomes important.

… tell shoppers where they can find your product and make sure it is clearly visible to them on shelf.

… help solve a problem.  For example – if it’s wine – what does it pair well with?

… use words and creative executions to enhance taste and visual cues.  If they can almost smell and taste your product without actually doing so, you’re on the way to a sale.

… design your retail media schedule to enhance your shopper experience around the relevant category to minimise wastage.

… consider a little ambiguity!  According to The Buying Brain by Dr A K Pradeep, “Our brans love puzzles…. in a cluttered messaging environment using elements that have an inherent appeal to the subconscious can help cut through the clutter and attract the brain’s attention.”¹


… assume your customer will be shopping any time of day.  Spots in retail media such as digital screens can be purchased at different times of day, capturing your audience and minimising advertising dollar wastage.

… forget your persuasive / novelty call to action.  Tell them to reach for your product right now!

… fall into the trap of trying to put too much information on your POS.  Simplicity is the key to grabbing attention.

…forget to consider social media.  Shoppers like to feel a sense of belonging and community, so consider how you can tap into this using your retail media executions.

¹The Buying Brain by Dr A K Pradeep, published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2010

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