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Make Your Brand Sing This Festive Season

15 Dec 2014, Posted by TorchMedia in Retail

Kirsty Dollisson, GM – TorchMedia

The Christmas season has a tendency to spark a war of formats and while popularity around online and mobile advertising continues to increase, Bricks and Mortar stores remain the true favourite amongst shoppers come Christmas time. For brands, this is generally your peak sales period and it’s essential to get it right, so there’s no better time to review your in-store point of sales opportunities and put your brand at the forefront of shoppers’ minds.


Out-Of-Home advertising has a genuine advantage over mobile and online formats in how it presents opportunities that just aren’t available online. Rather than trying to be seen as consumers passively trawl through websites and applications to kill time, Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising can engage consumers when they are in the mind-set of shopping. With the consumer already in the shopping environment surrounded by the festive spirit of fellow shoppers, purchases are much more impulsive and can therefore be more easily influenced.

A recent study by the global OOH association, FEPE, highlighted the growing influence OOH has over shopper behaviour, revealing that 79% of consumers take action after seeing an OOH ad. This means it is more important than ever to ensure your brand is seen immediately and your message is clear.

Based on what we’ve seen here at TorchMedia, here some key points to keep in mind for planning your OOH advertising campaign this Christmas:


… firmly understand the measurable objectives of your retail media campaign and deploy clear and concise communication to shoppers. Retail media can trigger recall and influence brand choice, ensuring crucial brand exposure while shoppers have wallets in hand – so tell them what they need to do!

… tell shoppers where they can find your product and make sure it is clearly visible to them on shelf.

… consider a little ambiguity by thinking outside the box! According to The Buying Brain by Dr A K Pradeep, “Our brands love puzzles…. in a cluttered messaging environment using elements that have an inherent appeal to the subconscious can help cut through the clutter and attract the brain’s attention.”¹



… assume your customer will be shopping any time of day. Spots in retail media such as digital screens can be purchased at different times of day, capturing your audience and minimising advertising dollar wastage.

… forget your persuasive / novelty call to action. Tell them to reach for your product right now!

… fall into the trap of trying to put too much information on your POS. Simplicity is the key to grabbing attention.

…forget to consider social media. Shoppers like to feel a sense of belonging and community, so consider how you can tap into this using your retail media executions.


Kirsty Dollisson is the General Manager for TorchMedia – a specialist Out-of-Home media provider with a focus on shopper and commuter facing solutions.


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