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Mobile advertising adds to the mix

22 Feb 2011, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Innovation

Today’s media landscape is complex to navigate and it’s only getting more complicated, according to a recent study that suggests Aussie consumers are embracing mobile advertising.

The research from InMobi and ComScore found that Australians are more willing to receive ads on their mobiles than any other market in the world. The study covered 22,000 people from 14 countries with three-quarters of respondents from Australia saying they would be comfortable with mobile advertising. Almost half (48%) said they would be “very comfortable”.

So it seems advertising on the mobile phone is here to stay as a main media option. And it presents yet another stage on the “path to purchase”.

When asked why users would be so willing to receive mobile ads, 56% of respondents said they would want to receive information about a new product. A further 37% said they wanted help in learning about something, 34% said one of the best benefits of mobile ads was that you received something for free.

This should make compelling reading for shopper marketers. While main media builds brands, in-store advertising is about sales activation, and this can be achieved through many means, including introducing new product variants, providing information or suggesting a solution to customers’ needs. If you take a look at our creative guidelinesfor shopper media, several points reinforce this:

  • Information rather than aspiration
  • Simple message
  • Provides a clear solution

This emphasis ties in nicely with what people are saying they want mobile ads to deliver, suggesting mobiles and shopper media are complementary.

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