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Maritime fuels safety via petrol

23 Jan 2013, Posted by TorchMedia in News, Petrol

NSW Maritime is running a campaign to convey safety messaging across New South Wales using the TorchMedia Petro-Convenience advertising format. The campaign, which encourages the use of lifejackets whilst boating, runs across the summer period starting early December, and placement is being specifically targeted to outlets in close proximity to major boat ramps. Kirsty Dollisson, GM, Marketing & Commerical for TorchMedia says this form of advertising is a fantastic way to promote brands at the point of purchase, or broader…

How to fuel impulse sales

08 Nov 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Petrol

If you’re looking to fuel impulse sales this summer holiday season, the power of petrol convenience cannot be ignored.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ 2012 Motor Vehicle Census there are 16.7 million registered motor vehicles in Australia today. With 12.7 million of these passenger cars and over 50,000 campervans, you can start to see the opportunities as they hit the road during December and January, visiting families for Christmas and take annual summer vacations. Petrol convenience has changed…

Shopper myths busted!

05 Nov 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Grocery, News

Last month TorchMedia went to market asking for myths relating to grocery behaviour. Some interesting and somewhat comedic responses were received, including “Do bananas in the top basket of your trolley mean you are single and looking for a date?” After putting a call out to find the untruth’s that have been bandied about the grocery industry, a list of the most intriguing and most unfounded lines were compiled. TorchMedia worked with long time research partner ShopAbility to delve deep…

Despite the expanding medicinal and healthcare offerings in supermarkets today, pharmacy remains in a unique position among retail channels due to its personal role in the healthcare of Australians.  According to Nielsen, in a typical month, 10.8 million Australians (58 per cent of the population) will visit a pharmacy at least once, with 76 per cent of them filling a script.  And with an average dwell time in-store of 14 minutes, the opportunities to harness shoppers with relevant, targeted offers,…

How to raise the spirits of your liquor sales

24 Sep 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog

With summer just around the corner and your key Christmas peak sales period looming, there’s no better time to review your in-store point of sale opportunities and put your liquor sales into better spirits. Liquor shoppers are very different to grocery.  Typically male dominated and with shopping trips by occasion – such as a planned barbeque or a Sunday roast with friends – liquor shoppers enter stores with a particular category in mind.  But our TorchMedia research tells us that’s…

Click and collect

21 Aug 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Grocery

It’s good to see Australian retailers following in the path of their US and European counterparts and embracing the concept of Click and Collect.  Rapidly growing as a cross-channel offering, Click and Collect provides shoppers with greater convenience as they order online and have the ability to collect their purchases, at their convenience, in-store. According to Australian Financial Review’s recent article Click and Collect Changing Retailing. Click and Collect Changing Retailing, the rising popularity of this offering is forcing retailers to…