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POS is the best medicine to boost pharmacy sales

31 May 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Pharmacy, Research

If you’re a pharmacy, or a brand whose product is listed in one, you’ll be fascinated by the findings of our 2011/12 Project RX consumer study.  Understanding the pharmacy shopper and what moves them to purchase was the key motivator behind our research, conducted nationally among 1,041 shoppers in the pharmacy channel.

The study reveals just how under-utilised the pharmacy is as an effective retail channel and how pharmacies can target shopper segments carving a role beyond script fill to compete in an environment where major grocery retailers continue to increase their share of wallet in traditional pharmacy offerings.

Revealing the role of the pharmacy, category interaction and reason for visitation as well as a breakdown of pharmacy shopper types, the consumer study is Australia’s most comprehensive in this channel for decades.

Researching pre-store and in-store influencers, we now have valuable insights and information we can draw from to develop future pharmacy retail campaigns that are more targeted and relevant to shoppers than ever before.

We know who leaves the store during script fill and why and the best opportunities to keep them in the store so that they browse and purchase.  We also know the hotspots in the store and the products that most interest different shopper types.  What’s more, we better understand the role of the pharmacist and the pharmacy assistant in the influencing of product sales outside of script fill and advice.

For a copy of our Project RX Executive Summary, get in touch with us today and find out some key learnings that can change the way you display and market your pharmacy products to interrupt your consumers and drive sales.

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