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QR codes need solid strategy and superb content

16 Jul 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Grocery, Innovation

Have you noticed that despite our high smartphone penetration in Australia, supermarket brands are still shy when it comes to using QR Codes at the point of purchase?

Used extensively overseas, QR Codes still present brands with a terrific opportunity to expand their dialogue and connect with consumers both at and beyond the shelf.  Putting strategy into your QR Code is the key to its successful usage and return on investment.  Here are a few TorchMedia tips to have a think about if you’re considering using QR Codes as part of your next supermarket campaign:

  • Banish the guesswork about whether your target consumer uses them or not.  In your consumer dialogue and research – ask them the question.
  • Understand your objectives.  Setting core objectives will give you a platform to measure the success of your QR Code.  Whether it’s to drive sales, test the technology, build a database, build product knowledge or simply to increase your social media penetration – set clear goals and then strategically design and build your content/offer to meet these objectives.
  • Give consumers a reason to download it.  Placing a QR Code at the point of purchase won’t work on its own.  Consumers want a Quick Return on their QR Code ‘time investment’ and you need to tell them what value it will add right at the start.  Test and measure different ‘call to download messages’ to see which one works best.
  • Build back end content that’s strategic and really shines.  Without this, consumers will feel let down.
  • Give them an opportunity to review and share your content.  This expands your consumer base and allows consumers to content curate.
  • How will you keep connecting with them?  Is there a special offer towards their next purchase?  Meal ideas to expand their repertoire and cross sell your product range?  A club they can join with a decent strategy behind it?  A competition to build your database? Do you have a social media strategy that keeps up relevant conversation and drives purchases?
  • Measure and refine. The beauty of QR Codes is their ability to provide incredible data surrounding their navigation, so you can refine for the next time.

For more information about placing a QR Code on your next supermarket campaign, get in touch today.

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