TorchMedia | Separating fact from fiction – are some of those industry myths hogwash?


Separating fact from fiction – are some of those industry myths hogwash?

21 Aug 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Grocery, Research

Everyone enjoys a good mythbuster.  Those compelling scientific experiments that separate fact from fiction.  And now, TorchMedia, together with its research partner ShopAbility, is about to bust or prove a few grocery myths as part of one of the largest Australian consumer studies into grocery shopper behaviour.

The study will encompass between 5,000 – 10,000 shoppers nationally covering the entire grocery channel including the majors and key independents. Code named Project Hogwash, the research will reconstruct the hugely successful key shopper profiling released by TorchMedia three years ago, dispelling or proving myths along the way and ensuring the profiling is updated to fit our 2012 retail landscape.

Every brand and agency has seen these myths and they’ve become deeply ingrained in presentations and briefs across the nation over many years.

It’s become a bit like a pick-your-own with a field of ‘facts’ and ‘myths’ so large, you couldn’t fit them in your basket if you tried.  Is the main grocery buyer female, aged 25-54 with kids living at home?  Do 80% of shoppers make a list?  Is grocery shopping really a grudge shop that everyone hates?  Do people really shop around the outside of the store?  Do shoppers truly only decide what they’re going to cook at 4pm?  Is 85% of the decision-making in-store subconscious? Do consumers really use their Smartphones to shop?

In a recent competition, we called upon the industry to send us the myths that they wanted us to prove or bust and we now have some really great ones that we’ll be using as part of the study.  There may be some surprises, so watch this space as the study is due to be released on September 24 2012.

For more information regarding the research or details on how you can get involved email or call (02) 8404 3900.

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