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Shopper myths busted!

05 Nov 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Grocery, News

Last month TorchMedia went to market asking for myths relating to grocery behaviour. Some interesting and somewhat comedic responses were received, including “Do bananas in the top basket of your trolley mean you are single and looking for a date?”

After putting a call out to find the untruth’s that have been bandied about the grocery industry, a list of the most intriguing and most unfounded lines were compiled.

TorchMedia worked with long time research partner ShopAbility to delve deep into the minds of grocery shoppers around Australia. The scale of this project was sizeable, making it one of the biggest shopper marketing studies of the year.

Over 5000 people were asked to qualify the myths put forward. These people had to be households whom shop at least once a month. Within this sample there were 11,682 shopping trips over one week.

A common untruth, which has been used to describe the shopper is, “The main grocery buyer is female 25-54 with kids living at home.” This is false, it is a major group who you see meandering the grocery aisle, but only holds a 36% share.

Another well-versed myth was “People only go grocery shopping once a week.” Again, this is false, in actual fact, on average 39% of shoppers go grocery shopping once a week. 47% go 2-3 times per week.

In addition to frequency, another common misconception was the day of the week people ventured out to stock the pantry, “Grocery Shopping is always done at the end of the week.” This was quite convincingly found to be an untruth. Only 29% of people visit the supermarket on Sundays. This was a surprising finding considering many people believe the biggest shopping day is Sunday.

With most myths busted, there were some, which were found to be true such as “Shopping with young children will increase the average shop due to pester power.” If you’ve ever spent time waiting in line near a screaming child you would’nt be surprised with this finding.

Kirsty Dollisson, General Manager, Marketing and Commercial for TorchMedia has welcomed the results which give a clearer picture of who the shopper is today in addition to busting the industry misconceptions.

“The study also served to acid test and update TorchMedia’s shopper profiles,” Ms Dollisson said. “This will benefit FMCG manufacturers providing a relevant insight into the modern shopping habits of Australians.”

Another exciting finding from this study was the shift in behaviour when visiting the supermarket. The most prevalent trip type is no longer a large main shop. This is only 26% of grocery trips, 35% of trips are now a ‘regular top-up shop’.

Kirsty says the top-up shop has grown steadily over the past 10 years due to the changing face of the shopper and lifestyles.

Full details and category-based results will be made available mid November.

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