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The summer shopping rush

23 Aug 2011, Posted by TorchMedia in Grocery, News, Pharmacy

TorchMedia has released a summer sales package series to help marketers take advantage of the surge in in-store traffic in the grocery and liquor over channel summer as shoppers prepare for the festive season.

The Christmas/Summer period brings a massive spike in traffic to supermarkets and liquor stores, sending shopper media’s already low CPMs even lower. The last summer shopping period* saw a 100% rise in confectionery gifting, an 89% increase in insect control sales, a 27.2% spike in liquor sales and of course the usual suspects of frozen chickens, turkeys and ducks jumped 232%.

“On average, the cost-per-thousand for in-store media is only $10.70,” says Andy Gilroy, General Manager Sales at TorchMedia. “This is half the cost of TV, despite the fact that shopper media is equally effective at driving sales, enjoying almost double the return on investment.”

While other out-of-home media companies typically use this surge in traffic to raise their rates over summer, Gilroy says TorchMedia has decided to deliver a Christmas bonus to its clients in the form of five Summer Packs designed around typical summer shopping missions.

The Summer Packs make use of TorchMedia’s portfolio of shopper formats in the Grocery, Pharmacy and Liquor channels. They are:

  • Christmas Essentials – Ideal for positioning products such as batteries, entertainment accessories, party food and confectionary as Christmas Essentials.
  • Christmas Feasts – Designed to put products such as sauces, herbs and spices, and party food solutions onto the Christmas menu by association and ideas. The package uses impactful floor media and recipe suggestions to offer shoppers great ideas for their Christmas dinner.
  • Summer Feel Good – In one stop, this package uses multiple channels to communicate with those who want to look and feel good this summer. Suncare, haircare, skincare, insect protection and deodorant brands will make use of Floor and digital screens in TorchMedia’s unrivalled Pharmacy network and in Woolworths stores – a total of 1,506 locations.
  • Cellar-Brate – December and January see liquor sales spike considerably as shoppers look to add a bit of festive cheer. The Cellar-Brate pack allows advertisers to access the biggest liquor media channel in Australia across Woolworths liquor and BWS.
  • Australia Day – What national celebration would be complete without a trip to the liquor store? This January pack includes covers 900 Woolworths Liquor and BWS stores nationally.

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