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The twisted path to purchase

09 Jun 2011, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog

The path to purchase has long been an important concept used by shopper marketers to track and influence consumers’ choices. But is it the straight, neat route that we’d like to imagine?

Or is it a more twisted mess of detours and wrong turns than the back alleys of Venice? Fortunately, it’s probably not as bad as that, but according to this interesting article we’ve long been oversimplifying the concept.

Indeed, the article – by Jonathan Dodd of Grey’s brand commitment agency G2 – suggests that “as the shopping experience grows more complex, fluid, and digital, the path from need to purchase is rarely a straight line”.

Technology is just one factor that is complicating the process.

Smartphones and tablets allow shoppers to access more information about products in-store, but can also compress the shopping process at any stage along the path to purchase by providing the opportunity to buy instantly.

At the same time social networking sites and shopping apps are making shopping an even more social endeavour and provide new opportunities for brands to engage with shoppers.

Quite simply, shoppers now make myriad detours on their buying journey, but it is still possible and important to draw up maps to help understand how consumers can be influenced at each juncture.

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