TorchMedia | TorchMedia celebrates birthday with first Sydney Trains campaign featuring Devondale


TorchMedia celebrates birthday with first Sydney Trains campaign featuring Devondale

27 Mar 2014, Posted by TorchMedia in News, Transit

For the past 7 years, shopper marketing has been one of the fastest growing sectors of Australia’s advertising trade. This is in part the result of Australia’s out-of-home media specialist, TorchMedia. Torch is now celebrating its 7th birthday following even more concession contracts, new staff signings, business growth and a change in brand positioning from retail to out-of-home.

TorchMedia has been best known for their in-store treatments and development of the ‘path to purchase’ methods of advertising. As the marketing world changes, Torch is continuing to change as well. They now offer advertising space in 7 different channels; including grocery, liquor, pharmacy, retail, petro-convenience, and one of the fastest growing sectors, transit.

In the past two years, Torch has secured the contracts with Queensland Rail, Metro Trains Melbourne and most recently, Sydney Trains, giving Torch complete domination of the Eastern Seaboard for exterior train advertising.

Coinciding with Torch’s 7th Birthday, they also celebrate their first Sydney Trains campaign featuring Devondale. The Devondale transit campaign is set to go live in April, which will be followed soon after by Tic Tac in May.

TorchMedia has been at the forefront of pushing out-of-home awareness in all formats, with a number of research projects focused on different areas of retail and out-of-home. Their most recent undertaking, Project Toot Toot, takes a look at the vastly underutilised train format, which has potential to reach a wider audience than traditional venues.

Shopper marketing has had a strong international presence for years, but in Australia the take up has been slower. The recent growth of this sector has largely been attributed to the work of TorchMedia, who have worked with brands such as Coca-Cola, Colgate Palmolive, Cadbury and Arnott’s.

“We are very proud of all the work we have done with shopper marketing and lifting the profile of these important shopper mediums,” said Kirsty Dollisson, GM for TorchMedia. “The Australian shopper marketing discipline was once reportedly 10 years behind the rest of the world. These days brands are starting to build their product launches with the shopper-marketing component at the forefront of the planning process. At TorchMedia we’re growing with this shift in thinking and 7 years on we continue to lead the charge with innovation and delivering tangible results.”

In celebration of their 7th birthday, TorchMedia took their show on the road, travelling to media agencies and advertisers with their distinctive yellow kombi van, serving up an Australian style experience for all the people who have helped developed the business from a small Sydney firm into a national agency that continues to grow every year.

Here is to 7 more years!

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