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TorchMedia on the Move in Sydney

05 Dec 2013, Posted by TorchMedia in Uncategorized

After successful partnerships with Metro Trains Melbourne and Queensland Rail, TorchMedia have been awarded the Sydney Trains contract for external train advertising. This now enables full eastern seaboard coverage.

TorchMedia specialise in transit and out of home formats, which attract the attention of the hard to reach commuter around Australian cities. The format in Sydney will see the exterior of Sydney trains featuring advertisements that may reach over 1 million passenger journeys per day.

Sydney Trains completed the proof of concept trial in 2012 to gauge customer perceptions, which proved successful.

Kirsty Dollisson, General Manager of TorchMedia said the brand new offering in Sydney would give advertisers a high impact, unavoidable opportunity to connect with the commuter with unparalleled cut through.

“We are capturing a huge audience base of mixed demographics that are traveling to work and school, as well as recreational commuters going out or going shopping.”

The first campaigns will be visible on the network in early 2014.

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