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Warming up the frozen category

21 May 2012, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Grocery, Research

If you think it’s cold outside at the moment, shoppers are telling us that the frozen food aisle really feels like Siberia.  Recently, we undertook a comprehensive study of the frozen food category in supermarkets with our research partners, ShopAbility.

Aptly code named Project Siberia, 1,342 frozen-category shoppers indicated this extensive piece of supermarket real estate felt as barren and cold as one of the most inhospitable places on the planet!  The warmth, colour and navigation that exists in the remainder of the supermarket is simply not there when it comes to the frozen category.

The findings gave us some beautiful insights into how we can warm up our consumers to the frozen food category and it requires a collaboration of supermarkets and brands to give them some blanket help.  Consumers want Hawaii, not Siberia.  They’re after more colours and more theatre so they don’t feel so ‘cold’ when they get there. But if you really want to give them a dose of sunshine, you need to answer their calls for help.

Project Siberia found consumers don’t know what’s in the frozen food category due to a lack of signage and communication. But the good news is – they want to know!

They’re after convenient meal ideas for the dinner table and entertainment and there’s plenty of opportunity to show them how to use ingredients by cross-promoting ambient and fresh products with frozen food ingredients through the use of recipe cards.

Shoppers also want to know about the health and nutrition side of frozen foods and they’re turning to manufacturers to make frozens more permissible.  The right communication can make all the nutritional and convenience advantages apparent and warm them up to purchase.
For more details about the study and what it means to your frozen brand, drop us a line today.

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