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Warning! Extreme shoppers on the loose

06 Apr 2011, Posted by TorchMedia in Blog, Grocery

Think price, quality and quantity are the foundations of a shopper’s purchasing decisions? A rethink’s on the cards for one consumer segment identified by a recent American study, and this group presents marketers with one hell of a tough challenge – you can’t even define them by demographics or geography.

The report – “Future Buy: Insights and Innovations to Win in the New Era of Shopping” – by Gfk Custom Research, has found a group of shoppers that will “pound you [the retailer] into submission”. GfK calls them Xtreme Shoppers. Sounds daunting doesn’t it?!

Factors such as “enjoyment”, “usefulness”, “simplicity” and “assurance” have been added to the Xtreme Shopper’s value equation.

But what’s even more challenging than a few extra buzzwords is the fact that they want more control of the shopping environment. Eighty-two per cent of Xtreme Shoppers “want input in creating products and services” while 72% “would be more loyal if they could give input”. This compares with 49% and 40% for non-Xtreme Shoppers. Seems they just don’t know their place anymore!

Xtreme Shoppers also shop with purpose and like to take control. Perhaps that’s why they preferred online to in-store, considering online more “inviting”, “uplifting”, “customised”, “energising” and “calming”.

The answer? The study suggests showing customers that you understand their passions, recommending in-store activities such as cooking classes in conjunction with providing them with an online resource. Think about how Apple stores get shoppers interacting with their products.

To read more about taming this new breed of demanding shopper check out page 12 of Shopper Marketing.

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