The ferry journey is quintessential to Sydney, but despite our ferry’s long history, the creative opportunities available on these iconic vessels remain largely untapped by advertisers.

Standard ferry media buys generally comprise of complete vessel takeovers and large-scale floor and wall decals at high traffic wharves. Beyond this, there is broad creative scope to takeover spaces both on-board the vessels and at key wharves. Sampling, pop-up activations and branded on-board café or bar experiences are just some of the ways brands can amplify their campaign on Sydney Harbour.

There are also options for private vessel charters – allowing you to utilise your existing on-board media buy for a branded event. “We are particularly excited about the opportunities around New Year’s Eve”, said Aaron Morton, TorchMedia Head of Sales. “With restricted CBD and coastline viewing for the fireworks this year, Sydney Ferries and My Fast Ferries tickets are likely to sell out in record time.”

Border closures and flight restrictions mean that this year’s summer audiences will be joined by those who would typically travel over Christmas and New Year.

“We predict a large spike in ferries patronage as the summer months roll around and Sydneysiders get out an about”, said Morton. “Typically, the summer months see a jump of approximately 35% in passenger journeys, but with the impact of COVID recovery still in play, we are expecting additional uplift this year.”

Between the Sydney Ferries Network and NRMA’s My Fast Ferry services, prime harbourside locations are easily accessible to all; with routes servicing Manly, Watsons Bay, the Lower North Shore, Darling Harbour and Barangaroo, Cockatoo Island and all the way to Parramatta.