Welcome to our June Best of the Month selection: a monthly round up of our favourite recent campaigns. We love to celebrate our clients who are making great transit creative, designed perfectly for the space, with bold colours and eye-catching imagery!


Formats: Sydney Metro Digital Portraits, Adelaide Light Rail Digital Portraits & Canberra Light Rail Portraits

As the End of Financial Year approaches, commuters have the opportunity to bag remarkable deals at Ikea. To raise awareness of this fantastic sale, Ikea strategically utilised premium advertising spaces near key store locations in Sydney, Canberra, and Adelaide to reach their target audience effectively. Tailoring the campaign creative to achieve desired impact, Ikea transformed Portrait formats into their iconic bright yellow Ikea bag, grabbing attention and sparking curiosity among commuters. The creative messaging remained simple yet effective in ensuring it would be well received in a bustling environment.

Why we love it: Utilising Portrait creatives in a multi-market campaign ensured maximum reach and connected Ikea with their target audience on the move.

Universal Pictures – Despicable Me 4

Format: Sydney Light Rail Full Wrap & Portraits

Things just got a little more despicable! The mischievous Minions have stolen the Sydney Light Rail as they promote their latest movie release, Despicable Me 4. Drumming up excitement through a connected Full Wrap and Portraits, Universal Pictures has successfully targeted commuters in close proximity to cinemas in the CBD and South East. By capturing audience attention through bold colours and lovable characters, the creative delights and surprises the audience in the heart of Sydney.

Why we love it: With the busy school holiday period coming up, advertising on the Sydney Light Rail targets school children, families, holiday-goers and more.


Formats: Adelaide Light Rail Portraits, Canberra Light Rail Portraits & Station Portraits

Did somebody say Menulog? Stirring up an appetite among commuters on Canberra and Adelaide Light Rail, Menulog cooked up epic remixes inspired by well known songs to effectively highlight the variety of products available through the app. By employing multiple creative executions skilfully designed to meet an array of commuter needs, Menulog conveyed their playful message to reach a broad audience and leave them singing catchy tunes like ‘rice rice baby’ or ‘they see me rollin’.

Why we love it: Their strong brand presence, combined with a fun and energetic campaign, ensures commuters are left with a positive perception of Menulog.

Vicinity Centres

Formats: Sydney Light Rail Triple Carriage Wrap & Sydney Ferries Wharf Wall Media

Shining bright during Sydney’s biggest annual light festival, Vicinity Centres strategically took to transit media to advertise their iconic CBD retail and restaurant destinations. Combining the Sydney Light Rail and Sydney Ferries executions during Vivid Sydney 2024 allowed for an increase in exposure due to the rise in patronage and footfall at this time. Showcasing key elements from the QVB, Strand Arcade and The Galeries provides a glimpse into what is on offer and encourages commuters to make memories with Vicinity Centres.

Why we love it: Including an element of Vivid Sydney allowed Vicinity Centres to capture the attention of event-goers and create a lasting impression.


Formats: Sydney Light Rail Full Wrap

Introducing the most convenient way to shop! Catering to busy commuters, MILKRUN leveraged an impactful Sydney Light Rail Full Wrap to significantly boost awareness of their services. By designing the campaign creative to maximise the space on the dynamic moving billboard, MILKRUN effectively captured attention through bold branding and repeated logo placement, ensuring their message was unmistakable. The design is straightforward yet powerful, successfully encouraging engagement and response from audiences in the CBD and South East.

Why we love it: With audiences leading busy lives and constantly on the move, what better way to promote a same-day convenience grocery delivery service!

Samsung – Clash of Commuters

Formats: Sydney Metro Digital Landscapes & Portraits

There is no better way to launch Samsung’s latest mobile gaming experience than through a contextually relevant execution on the Sydney Metro Digital Network. Drawing attention towards the digital screens, the full motion creative provided commuters with a sneak peak, prompting them to scan the QR code and download the game. Driving excitement for Clash of Commuters, audiences on the Sydney Metro were exposed to this campaign at multiple touchpoints during their journey, increasing product exposure and influencing the target market to purchase a Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Why we love it: Samsung used multiple videos to build excitement and invite commuters to embark on a gaming adventure.

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