Welcome to our May Best of the Month selection: a monthly round up of our favourite recent campaigns. We love to celebrate our clients who are making great transit creative, designed perfectly for the space, with bold colours and eye-catching imagery!


Format: Sydney Metro Interior Domination & Digital Network

Found the right school? Find the right home. Commanding attention on the Sydney Metro with an Interior Domination and Digital Network Takeover, Domain have taken advantage of this Market First opportunity to grab the attention of affluent commuters in Sydney’s North West. Reaching audiences in previously untapped, continuously growing market, the Sydney Metro “Domain Train” captures the essence of Domain with their signature green branding and highlights key product features, along with QR codes prompting commuters to download the app.

Why we love it: Engaging with current and future homeowners at various touchpoints throughout their journey, the Interior Domination and Digital Network Takeover enabled Domain to boost brand awareness and maintain a top-of-mind presence.

University of Canberra

Formats: Canberra Light Rail Triple Carriage Wrap & Station Portraits

The University of Canberra has every side of your career covered! Aiming to engage both current and future students, the University of Canberra has thoughtfully crafted a campaign that highlights the vibrant and dynamic spirit of the university community. By infusing a sense of excitement into the educational experience, the campaign effectively appeals to the youthful energy of its audience. The strong branding, boosted by a fun and unique creative approach, effectively communicates to commuters that mid-year enrolment is available.

Why we love it: The University of Canberra has cleverly leveraged advertisements on the Canberra Light Rail Canberra Light Rail, focusing on the comprehensive support for career journey.


Formats: Sydney Metro Tunnel Wrap & Digital Network

KFC has been busy cooking up a feast, preparing a delicious Double Breaded, Extra Crispy burger, ready to serve to commuters on the Sydney Metro. Utilising location based targeting, KFC presented their new Original Crispy Burger in close proximity to their stores, in particular their Castle Towers restaurant, enticing hungry commuters through the mouth watering tunnel. Combining the impressive Tunnel Wrap with a Digital Network takeover allowed KFC to speak to their target audience at multiple touchpoints during their commute. The campaign increases awareness of the new range and delivers memorable impact, with creative that left a lasting impression on everyone who passed by.

Why we love it: Immersing commuters as they walk through the Castle Hill Tunnel, KFC showcased their range of Original Cripsy Burgers, leaving the audience hungry for more.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Formats: Sydney Light Rail Triple Carriage Wrap & Interior Domination

What better way to spend your commute than by reading the newspaper? Skillfully blending the diverse selection of content The Sydney Morning Herald has to offer, an Interior Takeover featured a variety of creatives designed to speak to each commuter on board the Sydney Light Rail. Complementing the Internal formats, a Triple Carriage Wrap captured the attention of audiences in the CBD & South East as The Sydney Morning Herald promoted their All Yours campaign. All the flavour. All the excitement. All the discoveries.

Why we love it: The campaign creative successfully captured the essence of Australia, communicating their key message that The Sydney Morning Herald has everything you love – from major sporting events, to best local restaurants.


Formats: Sydney Metro & Adelaide Light Rail Digital Network

Rewriting the rules of periods, Modibodi has implemented a multi-market solution aimed at empowering the world to make a real, positive change for themselves, and for the planet. Advertising on the Adelaide Light Rail and Sydney Metro Digital Networks, the campaign creative is a statement designed to turn heads and shift society’s perceptions about periods. Through promoting honest and positive conversations about health issues, Modibodi are breaking taboos and reducing body shame and isolation. With the inclusion of diverse bodies, this life-changing appeal encourages their audience to be strong and love themselves.

Why we love it: The symbolic message ‘FEAR NOT’ empowers commuters to continue doing what they love with confidence, thanks to Modibodi underwear.

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