Welcome to our November Best of the Month selection: a monthly round up of our favourite recent campaigns. We love to celebrate our clients who are making great transit creative, designed perfectly for the space, with bold colours and eye-catching imagery!

-196 Suntory Summer

Formats: My Fast Ferry Vessel Takeover, Sydney Ferries Vessel Takeover and Wharf Media, Sydney Light Rail Full Wrap, and ESB Trains Trackviews

Introducing your new Summer drink!  Taking over iconic Sydney assets in areas of high foot traffic, Suntory is making a splash with their widely popular, number 1 Japanese premix, -196, just in time for Summer. Targeting commuters on My Fast Ferry, Sydney Ferries, Sydney Light Rail and ESB Trains, this campaign will not be missed. With broad exposure to commuters, the bright yellow creative captures attention and speaks to the audience at multiple touchpoints on their journey.

Why we love it: Utilising the licenced bar on board the My Fast Ferry, Suntory has the opportunity to not only reach commuters but sell directly to them in real time!

Mecca Christmas

Formats: Sydney Light Rail Full Wrap, Portraits & Interior Domination

Sharing their wonderful world of beauty on Sydney Light Rail with a Full Wrap, Portraits and Interior Domination, Mecca has launched their Christmas campaign in collaboration with Kaylene Whiskey, supporting women in arts. Capturing the spirit of Christmas ahead of the holiday season, the cheerful creative has been designed to look like their iconic gift boxes and inspire commuters to add Mecca to their wish list.

Why we love it: Utilising the effectiveness of large-format advertising, the creative is noticeable by commuters and shoppers just in time for the gift giving season, and in proximity to their flagship George St store.

Elizabeth Arden

Formats: Sydney Light Rail Megaside & Sydney Metro Northwest Digital Portraits

Looking for a gentle and potent retinol? Elizabeth Arden’s new Retinol + HPR Ceramide Water Cream is perfect for everyone. Reaching a wide audience on Sydney Metro and Sydney Light Rail, Elizabeth Arden takes commuters on a journey to better skincare.  With a blush pink creative, Elizabeth Arden has effectively captured the attention of luxury shoppers on the move and encourages Sydneysiders to take their skincare to the next level.

Why we love it: The Simple yet effective campaign speaks to commuters on the benefits of Ceremide Retinol – Next level Retinol Action without the reaction!


Format: Sydney Light Rail Full Wrap, Portraits & Interior Takeover

More workflow, less roadblock? Doesn’t that sound fantastic! With the new year right around the corner, Monday.com can be seen driving through Sydney CBD as they target companies desiring better workflow. Effectively designing a connecting Triple Carriage Wrap and Portraits, with Interior Takeovers, the creative showcases a clear path and seamlessly links together the carriages. Utilising a play on words, Monday.com ties their message to the asset, communicating how they are ‘Keeping thousands of Aussie companies on track’.

Why we love it: Targeting crucial audiences, the bright creative clearly demonstrates their brand message and how Monday.com can help improve work effectiveness.


Formats: Canberra Light Rail Triple Carriage Wrap

In celebration of their first Canberra store, Uniqlo Australia has taken to Transit Media to make a bold statement in the Nation’s Capital. Opening the new store in close proximity to the Canberra Light Rail, Uniqlo strategically utilised a Triple Carriage Wrap to generate awareness for eager shoppers and provide easy and convenient access for commuters wanting to check out the new location. The bold red and white design ties in their branding with the Light Rail to generate a visually appealing creative. and excite Canberrans.

Why we love it: Uniqlo’s Triple Carriage Wrap captures the audience’s attention, informing busy Canberrans of their new store!

Pacific Concepts

Formats: Sydney Ferries Vessel Takeover & Sydney Light Rail Triple Carriage Wrap, Portraits & Interior Portraits.

Taking over Sydney with an array of premium assets, Pacific Concepts carefully considered the best way to reach its target audience. With each asset hand-selected specifically for the restaurant, Pacific Concepts was able to speak to commuters in close proximity to their locations and advertise the hottest places to try this Summer. With multiple creatives designed to advertise the range of restaurants on offer, including Bar Patron, El Camino, Fratelli Fresh and Sake, commuters are left hungry for a delicious meal.

Why we love it: This campaign blends geographic targeting with assets tailored to the audience to create interest for eager commuters wanting to try something new.

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