At TorchMedia, we strive to make it as easy as possible for advertisers to engage their desired audience and reach their marketing objectives using Transit Media. We take pride in our ability to deliver and know how vital customer feedback is in understanding what we’re doing right and where we may be able to improve.

TorchMedia’s 2023 Client Survey had its strongest ever response, with hundreds of clients taking the time to provide us with their valuable feedback.

A resounding THANK YOU to all clients who participated in the 2023 Client Survey! Your feedback helps to shape how we provide our services, so a very big thanks to those who completed the 2-minute survey in December 2023.

Respondent Overview

67.6% of responses came from clients working in Media Agencies under a Holding Group. 28.2% of responses were from Independent and Boutique Media Agency clients, and 4.2% of responses came from Direct Clients responsible for buying and planning media campaigns in-house. 

When asked what their current role was;

  • 30% of respondents were Assistants, Coordinators or Executives
  • 35.7% of respondents were Account Managers, Planners, Buyers
  • 31.4% of respondents were Directors
  • 2.9% of respondents were C-level, Owners   


Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Our Client Satisfaction Score (CSAT) rose from 67% in 2022 to 85% in 2023 – representing a +26.9% year-on-year increase in overall client satisfaction!

Relationship with Account Managers

When asked to rate the relationship with TorchMedia sales representatives, 81% of respondents rated their relationship as either ‘Great (4 out of 5)’ or ‘Exceptional (5 out of 5)’.

Ease of Trade

We believe Transit Media should be accessible to all advertisers – which is why we offer the greatest flexibility in market when it comes to campaign dates and deadlines. 87% of respondents agree booking transit campaigns with TorchMedia is easy.

Campaign Effectiveness

When asked how effective they believe their TorchMedia transit campaigns are, 81% of respondents suggested an above average campaign effectiveness. 27% of respondents believe their TorchMedia campaigns are “highly effective” (providing the highest possible rating).

Intention to Repurchase

Based on their current experience, 96% of respondents were likely to book transit campaigns again with TorchMedia in the future.

Our Approach to 2024

While we love a glowing report card as much as anyone else, we also appreciate the pointers provided on areas where we could improve. You spoke, and we listened!

We were pleased to see that 73% of respondents rated our ideas and proactivity as better than average. When it came to our use of data and insights, 49% rated it as above average while 45% suggested it was average.

Though these are in no way ‘bad’ scores, we believe we can do better! We look forward to delivering more fresh ideas, impactful first-to-market executions, and category case studies demonstrating the effectiveness of transit media in 2024 and beyond.

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