Welcome to our March Best of the Month selection: a monthly round up of our favourite recent campaigns. We love to celebrate our clients who are making great transit creative, designed perfectly for the space, with bold colours and eye-catching imagery!


Formats: Sydney Light Rail Full Wrap & Portraits

Whether they are on their way home from work or making it home after a night out, DoorDash has commuters covered. With a vibrant red campaign creative, DoorDash effectively communicated their brand message to “Smash It” – whether that means smashing something fresh or smashing those dusty mornings. Through the artful combination of enticing imagery and persuasive messaging, the campaign effectively captured the interest of its target audience, driving them to take action and order DoorDash.

Why we love it: Targeting audiences in the CBD and South East, the impactful Sydney Light Rail has enabled DoorDash to reach busy commuters on the move.

Kayo Sports

Formats: Sydney Light Rail Full Wrap and Sydney Metro Digital & Showcase

Promoting the #1 home of sporting content, Kayo Sports has utilised Sydney Metro and Sydney Light Rail to speak to commuters at multiple touchpoints along their journey. Commanding attention from their target audience, Kayo Sports maximised brand awareness through Transit Media to encourage commuters to Get on Board both Public Transport and Kayo streaming services. With major sporting events gaining more attention than ever, Kayo Sports is getting ahead of competitors to remain the preferred streaming service in the mind of consumers.

Why we love it: Kayo Sports captured the attention of Sydney Metro commuters by taking advantage of the Full Motion Digital capabilities to design an engaging and eye-catching creative.


Format: Canberra Light Rail Triple Carriage Wrap, Sydney Light Rail Megaside and Sydney Metro Digital

Ready to elevate your home? With IKEA’s extensive range of affordable home furniture and decor, it has never been easier to transform your space! Inspiring commuters through multi-format executions across Sydney and Canberra markets, IKEA strategically designed their campaign to reach their target audience and create a lasting impression. Tying the campaign into the mode of transport, the key message ‘Turn a rail trip into a room flip’ grabbed attention on the Light Rail, and ‘Turn train waiting into home upgrading’ on Sydney Metro.

Why we love it: Influencing audiences to drive response, QR codes on Sydney Metro Digital allowed a convenient and interactive way for IKEA to connect with their target market.

Boost Juice – Seaweed

Formats: Sydney Ferries Wharf Wall Media

Introducing Boost Juice’s newest creation – Seaweed Smoothies! Showcasing their latest creation, Boost Juice drummed up excitement amongst Circular Quay audiences with a contextually relevant Wharf Wall. Taking their creation back to where it all started… the sea, Boost Juice played on both visual advertising and the ocean aroma to entice commuters to purchase a seaweed smoothie. Targeting both tourists and homegrown audiences on their travels, commuters are left wanting to ‘sip on that’ refreshing drink.

Why we love it: The campaign creative captured the attention of commuters in close proximity to the Boost Juice Store, efficiently guiding consumers to try their latest creation.

Football Federation Australia

Formats: Sydney Light Rail Megaside

Socceroos were back on home ground as they competed against Lebanon for a spot in the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Prompting eager soccer fans to support the Australian Men’s football team, an Inner West Sydney Light Rail Megaside allowed Football Federation Australia to promote the exciting match ahead of the game. With attendance at Australian football games smashing record-breaking levels, the green and gold colours proudly painted the Light Rail, symbolising the nation’s support for its beloved team.

Why we love it: Transit Media provides an effective medium for brands to advertise upcoming events and encourage ticket sales through attention grabbing creatives.

Canberra Institute of Technology

Formats: Canberra Light Rail Interior Takeover & Station Portraits

Grow your skills and shape your future with the Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT). Creating meaningful engagement, CIT conveyed their key message through Canberra Light Rail Station Portraits, allowing a connection to with potential students while they are most attentive. Guiding commuters from the platform to On Board the vehicle, a response-driven Interior Takeover encouraged passengers to scan the QR Code for further information, promoting increased conversions.

Why we love it: Recruiting students for Semester 1, CIT have utilised strategic executions in close proximity to the campus, capturing attention of commuters through high-dwell formats.

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